February 2022

Kindness Week at Spanish Oaks

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It has been the greatest week!  We have been celebrating Kindness Week, where we have had songs, quotes, challenges and daily activities to show kindness to others.  It has been a lot of fun, and a great place to be!  Check out the pictures below for a sample of our activities.

Celebrating 2-22-2022

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Let's have a fun day on Tuesday.  The date is 2-22-2022.  You can dress like someone else to be a twin, or wear a tutu, tie or tennis shoes, or all of the above.  Can't wait to see you all!

Kindergarten Wedding of Q and U

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Kindergarten students attended the wonderful wedding of Miss Q and Mr. U today!  The guests were all decked out in their wedding attire with bow ties and tiaras adorned with words that begin with qu sounds.  These two letters are forever joined together to help us make words like quilt, quick, quiet and quill.  What a beautiful day for a wedding. 

Miss Mellor

District Science Fair Winners from Spanish Oaks

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We had a large group of students that represented us well at the District Science Fair.  The following students will continue on to the next round, which is held at BYU.  Congratulations to each of you!!  We are proud of you!  Best of Show:  Maia Baird, Brynlee Dyches, Lucy Theodosis, James Palmer, Brielle Glenn.  Honors:  Sarah Clark.  Honorable Mention:  Nash Martin, Sophia Garcia, Brendan Snyder.  Finalists:  Garrett Thomas, Alden Amy and Tom Halliday.