Box Tops ... A HUGE Success

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A big THANK YOU to everyone for helping us collect box tops this year.  As a school we collected over 18,710 from students … YAY!!  THANK YOU!!

This year the class that collected the most box tops was Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Dyches 6th grade class, with a grand total of 1,809!!  They have won a pizza celebration for their class!

Because there were so many classes who collected over 1,000 box tops this year, we want to reward those classes for their efforts.  The following classes had a special surprise waiting for them in the office:  Mrs. Olsen, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Aagard and Mrs. Phelps!

Keep collecting your boxtops and turn them into your teacher for next year!!  Thank you to Miss Mellor for organizing this event and to our families for their support!