Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Fri, 05/07/2021 - 12:58
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We are so excited to introduce our last group of Excellent Explorers for this school year.  They are a great bunch:

Kya McDaniel, 5th grade. She is very diligent and works very hard. She comes to school with a good attitude every day. She's willing to try new things. Kya is kind to everyone and makes friends easily. She works well independently and in a group. She is always respectful and kind to her teachers and her peers.     Mrs. Ciana

Aiden Dunn - 2nd Grade   Aiden is an incredible kid. He is super hard-working and he always does his best on everything. He is very friendly to everyone and is always willing to help others. If he sees someone in need, he jumps to help. He helps his teacher by cleaning up messes in the classroom, offering to pass out papers, and being a good example to the other students in our class. When he finishes an assignment, he doesn't hesitate to help other students who need it. He always includes everyone who wants to play with him, and he genuinely cares about the feelings of others. Aiden is such a great student, and I am so glad to have him in my class this year.  Makenzie Brady

I would like to nominate Kate Christiansen in first grade. Kate is one of the most caring, helpful, accepting, and hard-hardworking students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. Kate has a way of seeing the needs of others and stepping right in to help them without ever needing to be asked. She is always kind and speaks positively about others. She is very respectful of others and if they have a different idea or view than her own, is not bothered or upset. She simply smiles and moves on. She gets along with all personalities and is a friend to all. Kate is also a very hard-working student. She has grown academically in many ways this year. She completes her work and always tries her best. She is one of the happiest people that I know and her smile is contagious. I love having her in my class and being to learn from her positivity and example. -Susan Phelps

 I would like to nominate Harrison Taylor in 2nd Grade. Harrison is a hard working student, who is always pushing himself to do and be better. If he doesn't know the answer to a question or a problem, he will ask for help or try to solve it on his own. Harrison is usually the first to get done with his work in class and instead of bragging about how he finished first he will ask if anyone needs help. He is always asking me, his teacher, if he can help me in any way, even if it is to clean desks or pick up papers off the floor. The main reason why I would love for Harrison to be recognized is because of his kindness. We have a student in our class that really struggles to stay on task and to complete their work. One day we were doing a math lesson and this student was so discouraged because everyone was getting the problems done faster than them. Everyone else kept saying that they were on problem 10 or 11, which was very discouraging for this student. Harrison on the other hand kept encouraging and cheering them on which pushed this student to work harder and faster. Harrison shows that kindness to everyone he is around. My whole class knows that if they need help that they can always count on him. Harrison is truly an excellent student and friend.  Love,  Mrs. Robinson

Elma McDaniel Kindergarten (PM)   Elma is one amazing girl. She is an excellent student, a great example to others, and a wonderful friend. She always shows respect to her friends and her teacher and she is kind to everyone. She is amazing at following directions and instructions and helping others if they need a reminder of what to do. Elma is focused on her learning and always tries to do her best. She seems excited to be at school each day and she loves learning new things. She shows GRIT when faced with new situations or challenges and she gives her best efforts. I appreciate what a great example she is to our class. She is so kind, helpful, thoughtful and so sweet. We love having Elma in our class.  Miss Mellor

Taizley Maughan (3rd Grade). The is never a day, assignment or activity that Taizley isn't working her hardest on. She puts forth exceptional effort and always does her best work. She is one of the first to notice that someone in the class needs help and volunteers to sit by them and help in any way that she can. I do not think that there is a day this year she hasn't come and asked if there was something she could do to help me or others in our classroom. She is very kind and respectful to all. With having many new students this year, I have been so impressed to watch as she is one of the first students to reach out and welcome them to our class and our school. She is always putting others first and I think she is everything that an Excellent Explorer should be.  

Congratulation students!