Excellent Explorer Winners for this Term

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Fri, 12/11/2020 - 09:53
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We are so excited about our Excellent Explorer Award Winners this term.  They are a great bunch of students that we appreciate so much!  Thanks for showing GRIT each day and being such good friends to your classmates!  Let’s give a shout out to:

Mandilee (Mandi) Smith, 6th Grade. Mandi exemplifies the attributes of an Excellent Explorer. Although she is new to our school this year, she has worked hard to quickly make new friends. She can often be seen reaching out to those who are struggling or simply having a bad day. She is a friend to everyone around her. She is also not afraid to stand up for what is right. She is honest and true in all that she does. She helps those around her to live up to their potentials. Mandi is also quick to volunteer. She is happy to help with any opportunity to serve and make the school a better place. In addition, Mandi excels in academics. She works hard to master difficult concepts. She then goes above and beyond to make sure other students are progressing as well. Mandi is an all-around wonderful student.


Noel Young, 5th grade. She is always on task and willing to help others. She is respectful of her peers and of her teachers. She participates and helps to move the conversation forward. I am impressed with her work ethic. -Mrs. Caina


Addie Sanford, 1st Grade. Addie is a great example in our class. She is often the first person to offer help when it is needed. She goes above and beyond in her work and often excels because of that. She is so kind and I frequently see her inviting new friends to come play with her. She is beyond inclusive and always makes sure everyone is taken care of. She is a great example if kindness, support, hard work, and spunk! - Megan Morrow


Max Singleton, 3rd-- Max is the kindest young man I have ever met. He goes out of his way to help anyone that is in need while at school, it doesn't matter if it is in class at lunch or on the playground. He looks for ways to help others, always has a smile on his face and has a fantastic and positive attitude 100% of the time. He is also an extremely hard-working young man. He comes into class ready to work every day. I know I can count on him to set a wonderful example for his classmates. He comes in, sees that there is work to be done and gets going without being asked. I really enjoy having him in class!

Mrs. Stewart


Anthon Williams, 3rd Grade  I would like to nominate Anthon as an Excellent Explorer. He goes out of his way to show kindness. We have another student in our class who is going through a hard time. Anthon is very aware of this student and has shown great empathy for this student. Some days it's kind words and sometimes it's a thoughtful note. Anthon works hard in class and is always striving to do his best. He thinks deeply about what we are discussing in class and has a quick wit that makes teaching him so much fun. Anthon shows respect in everything he does and I grateful to have him in class. -Mrs. Dimmick


Burkley Jensen, 2nd Grade - Burkley is such a hard worker. He always does his best work, and he is so enthusiastic about learning! He gets excited about whatever we are learning, and his excitement transfers to the other students in my class! He always has a positive attitude, and he never complains about anything I ask him to do. He is also an incredible friend to everyone. He is constantly looking for ways to help others. He is usually there helping other students in the class before I even notice that they need help. He always follows directions and I never have to worry about if he is on task. When he is challenged by something he is working on, he never gives up or gets discouraged. He just keeps trying to figure it out, and he is not afraid to ask for help if he needs it. Burkley is such a wonderful student, and I am so glad to have him in my class!