Excellent Explorer Winners for this Term

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Fri, 03/05/2021 - 12:33
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We know some students in our school who "really get it" when it comes to exceptional behavior!  We would like to recognize them for having a positive impact on our school.  They have each made a special effort by performing remarkable behavior.  Congratulations to the following students:  

Mason Robinson in 5th grade. Mason is a very kind, caring and hard working student. He is very responsible and makes sure that all his work is completed on time and done correctly. He is fun to be around and very kind to his classmates and anyone who he spends time with. He makes sure that others feel included and puts a smile on my face every day. -Mrs. Quinton

Ryah Dunn, 4th grade, is a fantastic student in school. She is always on task and trying hard to complete her assignments. I appreciate her happy attitude and willingness to try everything we do in school. She is consistently setting a good example for the students around her. Thanks, Ryah, for being a great student at Spanish Oaks! I'm glad you are in my class this year.  Mr. Rigby

Tucker Carter, 1st grade. Tucker is such an important part of our classroom community. He is always upbeat, excited to learn, and happy to participate. He cares about his class mates and works hard to progress in his learning. He is quiet but he shows his enthusiasm through his actions and learning. He is a hard worker, kind friend, and absolutely an excellent explorer. - Megan Morrow

Elijah Gasser, 6th grade, always pays attention in class and in addition to that, he helps others pay attention and participate as well. He completes class work and assignments and goes the extra mile to give his best effort. He is always willing to serve other students, teachers and those around him. Elijah is a great role model for the other students as he is kind, focused, respectful and driven.   Amber Hauber

Tilly Jackson, 2nd grade, is an excellent explorer!  She is always excited to learn more.   She finishes every assignment and excitedly asks what she can do next. She excels in reading and math.  She is an amazing writer with great detail and penmanship.    She is a good friend and always helpful to others.    She also writes notes to teachers thanking them for what they are doing.  She is an example to everyone who knows her.  I know that I want to develop more of these amazing characteristics that Tilly shows every day to everyone she meets. -Mrs. Taylor

Samuel Young, 3rd grade. Sam is one of the most thoughtful and kind young men that I have met. He always notices when someone needs help and is right there to assist in any way that he can. He is positive and friendly and is constantly aware of other people. He can tell immediately when someone is having a bad day and is there to offer words of understanding and encouragement to that person. His kindness makes our classroom a better place.  Mrs. Stewart

 Thanks for a job well done students!!