MMHS Football Players Visit Spanish Oaks

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Football players from Maple Mountain High School took time out of their busy school schedules to read to the students at Spanish Oaks Elementary who are more than half their age and less than twice their size.  They visited classrooms and read their favorite books to the students.  The players encouraged students to always work hard and to be the very best they can be! 

"They are excited ... they are happy ... their faces just really light up," said one young football player.  "They are happy that we are there and it was fun to read to them."

But it's not just reading.  Anytime a high school kid with a jersey comes in wanting to spend time with our children, it makes them fell so important!  They already look up to these high-schoolers physically, but now they look up to them as mentors and heroes as well.  It is only fitting that this year's theme of Superheros found these heroes not in capes, but in jerseys.

"It shows that football players can be role models in the community and how we can serve others, and serve the little kids ... It is good for us and good for the kids," said Brad Burtenshaw, Head Coach. "We learn a lot and they learn a lot; it is just helpful for everyone all around."

We would like to thank Coach Burtenshaw and the Golden Eagle players for their visit!