Red Ribbon Week at Spanish Oaks

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The week of October 15-19 was Red Ribbon Week at Spanish Oaks. Every day there was a theme to help remind students to be healthy, drug-free and safe. Monday, the students were given a wrist band to wear for the whole week that said “Peace Out to Drugs.” There was an assembly that reminded the students of internet safety sponsored by NetSmartz. Tuesday was hat day to remind students to “put a cap on drugs.” Wednesday was backwards day to remind students to “turn your back on drugs.” Thursday was Cowboy Day to remind students to “give drugs the boot” We also had an assembly sponsored by the Mad Scientist, who put on a program for our students that warned about using tobacco and the damage it does to our bodies. Friday, students faculty and staff were asked to wear the color red. Several classroom activities and lessons were taught throughout this week. Thank you to the the sixth grade student council and advisors for their hard work in planning and carrying out the activities for this special week. Photos of Red Ribbon Week activities