Science Fair Finalists at Spanish Oaks

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On January 27th, Spanish Oaks Elementary held their annual Science Fair. More than 120 students participated. There was a great variety of project topics. There were such topics as plant growth, sound waves, bacteria growth, how different windows affect U.V. rays, and much more. Students worked hard on their projects which was evident in their outstanding displays. Finalists and the titles of their projects that will move on to the district level are: Nathan Dunn, “How Much Iron is in your Cereal?” Elle Jewkes, “Does Water Freeze Differently When Different Types of Music is Played?” Heather Johnson, “Growing in Utah Soil” Cosette McInelly, “Me and My Buds. . . Taste Buds that is” Tyler Bradford, “Which Antacid Neutralizes the Most Acid?” Kierra Oyler, “Twin Study” Sierra Lee, “Wrinkle Release” Raeley Nelson & Rebecca Wilding, “Bleaching Fabric” Lyndsay Marsh & Alicia Zaremba, “Sweet as Sugar” Justin Johnson, “Sound Waves and Heart Rate” Photos of Science Fair and students moving on to the district level