Spanish Oaks performs That’s Princess…..With a Pea!!

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Spanish Oaks performs That’s Princess…..With a Pea!! Students from all grade levels performed the play, That’s Princess…..With a Pea, with music, lyrics and book written by Elliot Baker. The play was performed for the student body and their families. The play was directed by Miranda Duke and co-directed by Angie Warner. Many volunteer hours were put in by the students and parents. The following participated to make this such an enjoyable and successful production: Kings-Danny Borba and Isaac Longhurst Queens-Mercedes Warner and Abby Lebaron Prince Fred-Cooper Arndt Princess Philimeana-Kierra Oyler Jesters-Rayna Sannar and Isabel Wood Wizards-Mason Allen and Hallie Stephensen Guards (aka) “The Three Stooges”-Nate Hansbrow, Noah Ralphs and Andrew Pontious Baker-Dylan Smith Fishmonger-Darren Oyler Fruit Seller-Justin Johnson Page Boys-Garrett Dunn, Deacon Hansbrow and Andy Kadomtsve Princesses-Anastasia Kadomtsve, Kristy Runyan, Leah Mendenhall Lady Whipperwil-Ellen Felt Sir Aethelred-Dylan Pontious Sir Dinglebert-Jackson Oviatt Sir William-Zac Ridenour Lady Esmerelda-Courtney Arndt Swamp Princesses-Courtney Smith, Amanda Randquist, Kandace Rex, Kristy McEwen, Marlyce Longhurst, Madelyn Westover and Kiera Allen Ensemble-Cosette McInelly(soloist), Madelyn Westover(soloist), Talia Johnson (soloist), Haylee, Allen, Audrey Arndt, Brinley Stephensen, Brooklyn Falkner, Annika Wood, Aribel Gomez, Frida Gomez, Sadie Ryan, Ambria conder, Lucy Kilpatrick, Emma Reynolds, Kortney Jackson, Sammy Simpson, Annika Kadomtsve, Holly Zaremba, Hunter Meeks, Tanner Meeks, Madyson Meeks, Madilyn Henry, Alicia Zaremba, Emma Lowe, Shelby Brown, Eliza Hansbrow, Alicia Caldwell, Mackay Meeks and Holly Anne Simpson Stage Crew- Mandy Johnson, Abbygale Reynolds, Lyndsay Marsh, Kaylee Oyler, Anna Mosdell, Brynn Kilpatrick, Brianna Marsh, Heather Johnson, Anne Dallon and Kelsee Oyler Costume/Hair/Props Manager-Lori Oyler and Kim Seamons Music Director-Rindee Sannar Lighting-Ian Sannar Choreographer-Sarah Arndt Stage Manager-Danielle Musick Spotlight –Brandon Ralphs Special thanks to Image Works Hair Salon and My Personal Paparazzi Photography(Delyn Beagly and Virginia Shenk) Thanks to all that made this production a huge success! Photos of directors and performers