Staff Spotlight of the Week-Mr. Grosdidier, 6th Grade

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Mon, 11/09/2020 - 11:50
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We are thrilled to welcome Jonathon Grosdidier. He loves to be with his class and help them learn concepts. He was born in Murrieta, California, which is about 45 minutes north from San Diego.  He loved to be near the beach, the Dodger Stadium and DisneyLand. His favorite restaurant is In-n-Out. He always thought that it would be fun to go to Bali! He worked at Orchard Hills Elementary for 1 year before he came to Spanish Oaks. He has a 14 month old daughter. That is all about Jonathon Grosdidier. By Ryder Zahrt, Sebastian Tinoco