February 2015

PTA “BOGO” Book Fair at Spanish Oaks

Please plan to join us for our PTA Buy One Get One Free “BOGO” Book Fair to be held March 30 - April 3, 2015Sweets n' Stories will be held on Wednesday, April 1, from 6:00pm-7:00pm.  Mark your calendars and let's get reading!

Science Fair Winners from Spanish Oaks Head to BYU


A huge cheer for Danny Chavez, Cesia Swain and Deacon Hansbrow from our fifth grade who won in their catagories at the district science fair and will be competing at BYU.  We are proud of you!!

Bucket Fillers at Spanish Oaks


Congratulations to a bunch of great bucket fillers at Spanish Oaks this past week!  Thanks so much for your great acts of service.

Submit a PEAK Award Nomination

Do you know someone at Spanish Oaks Elementary who really exhibits Positive Energy and Kindness (PEAK)?  All nominations are reviewed, and qualified candidates will be recognized at the Nebo School District Board meeting(s).  Please keep nominations secret until announced.


FFA Visitors at Spanish Oaks

Mrs. Olsen's and Mrs Dimmick's 3rd grade class got to enjoy stories and doughnuts from the SFHS FFA students for FFA week.

Winning Class for Most Bucket Filling at Spanish Oaks

Congratulations to Miss Hughes' fifth grade class for having the most drops earned during the past month.  They are our super bucket fillers!  A rootbeer float party with Mrs. Brown was a great way to celebrate.  Thanks, students!

"What a Kick" at Spanish Oaks

The third grade had a great time learning about being disciplined and focused as they practiced some great techniques in karate.  It was a real "kick" to see them trying some moves as their teachers held a pad.  We even had Mrs. Allred impress the students by breaking a board.  That's one tough teacher!

Bucket Fillers at Spanish Oaks


Congratulations to the bucket filler winners for the week of Feb 17th.  What a great bunch of students!