March 2015

We Play Plug Free March 18 at Spanish Oaks

Miss Spanish Fork contestant, Allison Isaac, would like to promote her "We Play Plug Free" on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.  This challenge is for everyone to put down all of your electronic devises for the whole day, i.e., computer, iPods, cell phones, T.V., Nintendo, Xbox, etc., ... and go on adventure!  Are you up for the challenge?

Second Grade Program at Spanish Oaks

The second grade students at Spanish Oaks brought the house down with their annual program for school, parents and family.  Each class performed their own renditions of songs, dances and plays.  The whole group delighted the audience with several numbers about friendship and kindness.  It was an amazing evening!  A special "thank you" to our wonderful second grade team:  Lindsey Robison, Jenna Reid and Katrina Graham.

Spanish Oaks Most Valuable Player: Jessica Gregory

Article by: Misty Bard, PTA

When I asked a few students what they loved about Mrs. Gregory, I nearly couldn’t write fast enough. They had so much to say, and in the two minutes I spent with them, it was evident that Jessica is genuinely loved by her students. The feeling is more than mutual.

“She has a really pretty smile.”

“She is very nice.”

“Everything is kept clean and organized.”

“She is easy to talk to and so understanding.”

“We love math because she gives us lots of time to get it done so we don’t have too much homework.”

Mrs. Gregory has been a part of our Spanish Oaks family for 6 years now, the past two of them spent in 5th grade, and she couldn’t be happier.  Although she taught 1st grade for her first four years, Jessica very much enjoys being in 5th grade. One of the main reasons is the curriculum.  In Science and Social Studies (American History) there is a never-ending supply of interesting topics that have the students eager to learn and keep their attention. “Fifth graders are also capable of deep thinking and unique problem solving strategies that keep me an active learner, as well,” Jessica tells me. Fifth grade is also home to some of the greatest books of all time. Mrs. Gregory’s favorite book in 5th grade is The Indian in the Cupboard. She remembers her teacher reading it to her when she was in elementary school. “It is such an imaginative tale with lots of humor and heart”.  However, with books you can’t choose just one … Tuck Everlasting and Fever are two more of her favorites.

No matter how much you love all 28 students and your job, there will be those stress-filled days. After an especially stressful day, Jessica relaxes by spending time with her husband and her 2yr old son, Dawson.  Along with family time, going out to eat and watching TV are also things Mrs. Gregory enjoys to do when the work day is done. Los Hermanos, Chilis and Smashburger all made the list of favorite restaurants. As far as TV programs go, Downtown Abbey is currently at the top of the list, although Jessica has many favorite shows. You may also find Jessica cleaning and organizing in her spare time, as it is one of her favorite things to do.  A few more random things you may not know about our Mrs. Gregory:  her favorite color is yellow, and she loves yellow roses; her favorite beverage is Dr. Pepper; she likes to snack on chips & salsa.

It was a pleasure getting to know Jessica Gregory.  She is a great teacher and a wonderful person.  It is easy to see why she is so loved by her students.  Spanish Oaks is a better place because of Mrs. Gregory.  Also, it is true, she really does have a pretty smile.  I would like to thank Jessica for her participation, and in particular for her favorite saying, which I will leave you with:  “The Main thing is to keep the Main thing, the Main thing. “

Fun Times in Miss Robison's Class at Spanish Oaks

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Class 100's Day picture
Campers of the week
BINGO Valentine's Day Center
Frosting Valentine's Cookies
Minute to Win It marshmallow tossing
Minute to Winn It heart stacking
Teacher appreciation drawings of Miss Robison
Josh at 100 years old

There has been a lot of fun learning happening in second grade!  Miss Robison's class were captured on film doing some great things!

Spanish Oaks Presents Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This week we have been privileged to be the audience to a fabulous play put on by a group of Spanish Oaks students.  They have been working hard for several months and looked like a bunch of professionals up there!  A congratulations to the cast for a job well done.  We would also like to thank Miranda Duke, Angie Warner and Erin Smith for their many hours of planning, preparation and direction.  The costumes were amazing, and the backdrops were awesome.  We also appreciate the mothers who helped "behind the scenes"  with make-up and hair.  Great work, everyone!

It Is Time for Our School Play

Spanish Oaks Children’s Theater Players would like to invite you to this year’s 2015 show ... Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We are so excited to go on this adventure together with one of Walt Disney’s classics ... Please join us for an amazing journey!!

  • Family/Community Play Performance - Thursday, March 5 @ 7:00 p.m.
  • Family/Community Play Performance - Friday, March 6 @ 7:00 p.m.

Admission Price:  $1 per person or $5 for a family

A very special THANK YOU to Miranda Duke, Erin Smith, Angie Warner, and Julie Olsen (scenery) for their outstanding efforts in providing this wonderful opportunity for our children!