March 2016

"Extraordiberry" Class of the Month


Congratulations to Mr. Bradford's fourth grade class for being our Extraordiberry Class of the month for February.  Way to go, students!

State Science Fair Winners at Spanish Oaks

Bailey Maughan and Lucy Kilpatrick placed third at the State Science Fair in physical science chemistry, and Gracie Herbert also placed third at the State Science Fair in Product Testing!  The girls would move on to Nationals, but they are not old enough!  Woo hoo ... way to represent, ladies!

First Grade Community Helper Assembly a Huge Hit


Wow first graders!!  What a great job you all did on presenting your program to the faculty as well as your parents and families!   We learned a lot about our community helpers and how they contribute to our city.  We want to thank the teachers as well for all their hard work and effort.  Job well done!

Extraordiberry Class of the Month


A big congratulations to Mr. Crockett's sixth grade class for being our Extraordiberry Class for the month of January.  Thanks, students for being great citizens!

Classified Employee of the Year From Spanish Oaks

Lindsey Downey, our wonderful librarian, was named Classified Employee of the Year this morning in our faculty meeting.  Let's get to know her a little better . . . Mrs. Downey is from Spanish Fork and is married to her high school sweetheart.  She has two children and is a huge Utah UTE fan.  Lindsey loves to cook, go camping and sew.  She is very creative and organized, and grows a mean garden!  She makes learning fun and the students LOVE HER, as do all of us here at Spanish Oaks.  Congratulations Mrs. Downey!

Science in Miss Babcock's Class


Miss Babcock taught her students about chemical and physical changes, then the students tried a variety of experiments to check it out.

Chocolate Day in Miss Robison's First Grade

Chocolate Day is every child's favorite day because who doesn't like learning when there is chocolate involved?  After lunch, students went on an Easter Egg Hung around our classroom.  They had to find the egg that had their student number on it.  After our Easter Egg Hunt, we watched a couple clips from the movie, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  Then students had to finish the sentence, "If I was Willy Wonka, I would make a candy bar called________."  Students had to describe what was inside their candy bar and draw a picture of it.  Then I gave each student a chocolate bunny.  I had them take just one bite out of it.  Then we graphed where students took their first bite: ears, head, legs, or another spot.  What a fun day!

Some Fun Learning in Miss Young's Class

Miss Young has some fun learning going on in and out of her classroom. The outside pictures are of our geometry monsters we made using chalk to draw animals out of the shapes we have learned about.  

The inside pictures are of our synonym egg hunt. The students were each given an egg with a word, then they had to search the room for the egg with the matching word so that they could use their words in two sentences and draw a picture to go with it.