December 2016

Miss Robison Class How-To's

Lindsay Robison

Students worked really hard on creating these news reports.  They wrote their news report in groups, and then they decided who would say each part.  Then they memorized their parts and I filmed the class.  The students are so proud of their News Reports!

5th Grade D.A.R.E.

Ariane Wengreen

5th Grade commemorated D.A.R.E. Graduation this past week.  The students loved getting to know Spanish Fork Officer DeWitt and committing to keeping a alcohol, tobacco, and drug free life.  Students learned about the dangers of drugs and also got to explore a cop car, see how police dogs seek out drugs and other items, try their hand at impairment goggles.  

BYU Basketball Kid's Day


We had so much fun at the BYU Women's basketball game against Weber State.  All the kids were asked to wear white for a white-out game.  Some members from our school even made it on the jumbotron!  What made the experience even more exciting is that BYU won the game!