November 2018

Reflection Winners Receive Certificates of Award


A huge congratulations to the students who won Awards of Merit and Awards of Excellence for their Reflections entries.  We are proud of all of you!  Also, a shout out to Baylor Ward, who has been invited to continue on to the next level of competition.

Award of Merit

Isabella Ekenstam-3-D Art

Kinsley Stumpe-Photography

Alli Christiansen-Music Composition

Chloe Massimini-Literature

Ethan Rawlings-Film Production


Award of Excellence

Carter Christiansen-Film Production

Grace Wood-Photography

Bella Fossat-Photography

Jessie Sherman-Film Production

Tanner Christiansen-Film Production

Paige Johnson-Dance Choreography

Baylor Ward-3-D Art



Go Blue!

Mrs. Brown

Spanish Oaks Elementary won tickets to last night's BYU men's basketball game (thank you, Mrs. Hiskey!) ... We tied for 1st place with all the other schools in Nebo for the MOST school news posts!  Mr. BIllie represented our school at the game, and even got to "meet" Cosmo.  Thank you for checking out our school news link to see all of the amazing things happening at our school every day!

Teacher Spotlight of the Week-Mrs. Heaton, First Grade


I was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona and am the oldest of four children. I graduated from BYU with my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. I love teaching young children because they are so curious and excited about learning. I especially love teaching my sweet 1st graders how to read because it opens so many doors. In my free time, I love hiking, going to the gym, reading, playing games with my family, and spending time with my husband. I am so grateful to teach at Spanish Oaks!

And we are so grateful to have her here!!

Reading Assembly with Julie Olson Guest Illustrator

We had a super time yesterday in our reading assembly assisting our guest illustrator as she created a new character:  Fred, the Polar Bear.  We enjoyed learning how to use our imaginations, be creative and illustrate picture books.  A special "thank you" to our wonderful guest, Julie Olson, local author and illustrator extraordinaire!  We also want to give a "Shout Out" to Seth Perrins and Mike Mendenhall from Spanish Fork City for their donations of two bikes that were given away at our reading assembly yesterday.  Our winners were:  Harrison Taylor in Kindergarten and Aliza Curtis in 3rd grade.  A LOT of other students were chosen to receive free books.  It was such a fun assembly!  We LOVE our new Polar Bear friend, who now lives in the library.  Thank you also, to our amazing PTA representative, Aubrey Smith, for setting up the assembly.  Keep reading, Spanish Oaks Explorers!   

PEAK Award Winner Mr. Rigby

Ryan Rigby, Teacher, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominated by: Jenna Fagergren Lambert, Megann McKendrick

“Ryan is always willing to try new things with a good attitude. He knows that things are constantly changing in education and technology, and he doesn't complain when we are asked to do something different than usual. He is a great communicator and teammate. For new teachers, he's always sharing ideas and meeting with our team to make sure everyone is on the same track. Ryan gets to know people well and works to be a friend to those around him. He is always welcoming collaboration and is up for sharing ideas, lessons, and behavior re-enforcers. Ryan is always helping where needed.”

“Ryan never speaks badly about others, and is always so kind. I am new on the fourth-grade team, and he has been so helpful and patient with me. He quietly goes about doing good for everyone, and he deserves to be recognized.”

Congratulations, Mr. Rigby ... we love you!

GAINS Lessons at Spanish Oaks

Melanie Fillmore

Melanie Fillmore has been so much fun to have here at our school teaching us about dance.  The students and teachers alike have had a great time!!  Keep on movin'!

Spanish Oaks continues to focus on dance for the year as they participate in the GAINS program (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools).  The amazing teachers at Spanish Oaks Elementary have been working with district dance specialist, Melanie Fillmore, on additional ways to implement dance and movement in the classroom.  You may have seen some fun pictures or videos on individual class websites or social media pages. If not, here is a little bit of what classes have been up to.

1st grade:  Students are unlikely to forget their memorable experience with prepositions as the danced in all kinds of ways with their chairs!  Over, under, around, behind, etc.! (Don’t tell Mrs. Brown!)

2nd grade:  Second graders were “dancing with the stars” as they danced through dot-to dot constellations laid out on the floor.

3rd grade:  As third graders explore cultures and traditions from around the world, they learned a traditional folk dance from Germany titled “D’hammerschmiedsgselln.”  Try pronouncing that with your student (with a little help:  da hammer shmee zellen)!

4th grade:  Fourth graders learned the traditional pioneer folk dance, “Oh Johnny Oh,” and talked about the important role dance played for early pioneer settlers in Utah.  

5th grade:  We made geometry principles jump off the page as we used movement to demonstrate points, rays, line segments, parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines.  

6th grade:  Air masses make significant contributions to weather patterns and have a semi-complicated classification system.  Sixth graders used combinations of movement levels and lines to represent the different classification combinations and help understand them better.  


Veterans Visit Spanish Oaks

During our Veterans' Assembly on Friday, as I watched the Veterans stand, saluting the flag, with a look of love and respect on each of their faces, I realized how blessed we are to have individuals that are willing to risk their lives, mentally and physically, for the freedoms we take for granted.  I also realized that it is up to us to make sure that the next generation has that same love and respect for our flag and for our free country.  They must be taught about respect, gratitude and sacrifice in order for them to be able to have these same characteristics in their hearts as they sing the National Anthem, say the Pledge of Alliance, or watch a flag go by in a parade.  Let us each set an example for them to see and emulate.

A huge thank you to all those who have, or are still, serving our country!  We love you!