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December 2018

Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 13:53

A huge shout-out to our 6 Excellent Explorer winners for this past term.  They are super students and just great kids all the way around!  They were each nominated by a staff member or fellow student and then voted on by our committee.  Thank you, students, for a great job!

Luca Freeman, 3rd grade-Luca is always going out of his way to help others around him. He is a wonderful friend that will drop anything to help a friend, even when it means it will take him a little extra time to get something done. He is very proactive, he sees something that needs to be done and just does it, no questions asked. He always does those things with a smile on his face and with a wonderful attitude-By Mrs. Stewart. 

Javier Alvis, 5th grade- Javier is so kind and polite when he comes into the office. He has a cute personality that brightens our day. He takes care of his brothers and makes sure they are ok and if they need help with calling home he brings them to the office to help them. He's an awesome boy. Mrs. Carter

Javier is always so polite and nice when he comes into the office. He is so helpful and kind to his siblings. He is always willing to help us with his family's language barrier. Mrs. Johnson

Katey Keel, 6th grade- Every day I can barely even tell she's here. She gets her work done fast and tries to help in the best way she can. Her positive attitude really helps the others around her. She tries her hardest, even if it doesn't work. Whenever we have manic Monday, she almost always gets to go. When ever she plays sports, she is an amazing player, and a good sport. Even if she loses, she is still very positive. I could go on forever, describing how wonderful of a person and a friend and example she is to me-Anonymous

I would like to nominate Sarah Clark in 2nd grade. Sarah is extremely patient and is willing to help her peers without being asked (even when they are difficult). When she sees something that needs to be done, she will step in and help. She is also a great student. She works hard to understand things that might be difficult and is always going the extra mile on her work. Sarah is willing to ask for help when she is uncertain, and asks meaningful questions. She is on task and following our class rules-showing respect, being safe, and trying her hardest. I am impressed with the work she does and the person that she is. She is sweet, thoughtful, hardworking, patient, and always working to improve. I am so happy that I am her teacher and have had the opportunity to work with Sarah- Miss Linnell.

Kameela Varela, 4th Grade- Kamee has a special way of knowing how other people are feeling, and reaches out to those in our class who are feeling sad. When we had a practicum student in our class, she made her feel right at home by asking her questions and saying she was going to miss her when she left. She can tell when I need help around the classroom and often asks me what she can do to make a difference. Not only that, but she has a fantastic attitude about learning. She knows that it takes hard work for anything worth learning, and she never gives up! Nice job Kameela! Miss McKendrick

Alice Clark, PM Kindergarten- Alice is such a sweet and kind friend. I have seen her help many of her friends if they are having a hard day or need extra help with a project. She is also a great listener and shows respect while I am teaching lessons. Alice has such great organizational skills and she likes to help keep our room clean and tidy without me having to ask her to help. I appreciate that so much! She works very hard on class assignments and tries to always do her very best work. Alice is one of my best helpers and I can rely on her to help with anything that I need. She has a sweet smile and I love to see her share that smile each and every day. I am so glad that she is in our class.  Miss Mellor

Elf Day

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 11:44
Chrissie Robinson

Mrs. Robinson’s class had a successful Elf Day in 2nd grade. We got our silly elf names, made elf hats, and worked in Santa’s Workshop making our parents gifts. 

Spanish Oaks Wins Golden Hashtag

Submitted by kali.brown on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 19:48

Congratulations to Spanish Oaks Elementary, in Nebo School District, and their school PR team, Sherri Peterson and Lindsay Liddle (both pictured) for earning the Nebo #Hashtag Award in December.  This award is given to the school that communicates to their parents and students, in a variety of ways, the events and important news items happening at school, e.g., school news articles, social media posts, etc.  Congratulations on a job well done ... way to represent!

DFJHS Orchestra and Choir Holiday Concert

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 11:12
Chrissie Robinson

We were treated today by a special visit from DFJHS choir, band and orchestra students!  These amazing musicians and performers shared their talents through song and music with the students of Spanish Oaks.  Thank you to Mr. Bigler, Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Olson for organizing and presenting this holiday concert.  The best part was when the whole school got to join the DFJHS orchestra and choir in many favorite Christmas carols!  Thank you, DFJHS!   

1st Grade Service Day

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 09:25
Cady Heaton

Today the 1st grade had our Holiday Service Day. We tied blankets and made craft kits for a local hospital and made wreaths for an assisted living center. We had a great time focusing on serving others during the holiday season!

Secret Service from 6th Grade

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 09:24
Gabrielle Quinton

Mrs. Quinton’s 6th grade class got in the holiday spirit by serving another classroom at school. They wore their secret service glass to hide their identity while they wiped down students desks and Chromebooks and left nice notes! 

3rd Grade Holiday Art

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 09:19
Heidi Dimmick

Our third graders created their own pictures to decorate for their program. Mrs Dimmick’s class made Grinches, Mrs. Stewart’s class made Santas and Miss Tobler’s class made Elves.


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