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Heidi Whittaker:  Utah Parent Center Parent Consultant

Nebo School District Parent Home Page

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Math Resources  - This page outlines resources available to you and your student to help master the Mathematical Standards for their grade level.  Many of these resources are tied directly to your student’s math book and follow the same format.

Imagine Learning

Core Standards Based Education

District Reading Benchmark Levels

Behavior Plan Rubric

Family Information Guide 2019-2020

Reading Celebration 2019-2020 Calendar

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Nebo School District Digital Library: Overdrive

  •  e-books, audiobooks, and more  . . .
2. Sign up for an OverDrive account.
3. Add the Nebo School District digital library.
4. Log in using the same username and password you use at school.  Or Parents can log in for younger student (K-2nd) by using  the same login and password you use for SIS.
5. Find and checkout books.


Google Apps for Education

SIS Login

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

 Application ... Application, Spanish version


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Come Visit Our Websites!!

          Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

          "I Can" Statements

           Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

           Mrs. Phelps' Class Website

          Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

            Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

        Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

             Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!

          Back to School PowerPoint ... and Video!


We are now using Google mail (gmail) for student email accounts. You can help your student with their password by:

  1.  Logging into your SIS account
  2.  Clicking on 'update student contact information'    
  3.  Click on each students name
  4.  Locate the 'show password' link next to their student ID number
  • This also makes it possible for you to monitor your student's email account.  You can access their password (even if they change it) by logging your SIS account and showing the password.                  

* Only students in 4th through 6th grades are taught about their email accounts in their Computer Planning Time class.


     Updating your student's information is now online!

Additional Information:




* Please note:  Monday(s) are "Early Out" days ...
                             Students are dismissed @ 2:30 p.m.