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February 2019


Submitted by lindsay.robison on Wed, 02/27/2019 - 15:15
Jessica Young

Students in Second Grade started learning about time this term! To practice learning about time, students practiced reading an analog clock. Every few minutes, a movement break popped up on the screen and students were able to take a break and get their heart rate up! They had a blast combining both math and movement into the lesson! 

Go Getters For the Week at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Tue, 02/26/2019 - 11:53

This week's students shared with me some of the reasons they thought they were chosen as Go Getters.  Several said walking in the hall quietly, one said being respectful to others and another thought it was for helping people in their class.  I'm sure they have done all these great things, and more!  

Faculty Spotlight - DeAnn Carter

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 16:21

I've been the secretary at the Spanish Oaks Elementary since it opened in 2001. I worked the summer before it opened to help set up the elementary. I've seen a lot of changes in the last 17 years. I've also worked at Spanish Fork Intermediate and Payson Jr. High. I just started my 23rd year at Nebo School District. My husband and I live in Elk Ridge. We have five children and 15 grandchildren, four of them attend Spanish Oaks Elementary!!! We enjoy glamping (we have a motor home so I've been told we are not camping). We also have a side-by-side so enjoy exploring the mountains. I love being at Spanish Oaks Elementary. We have wonderful children, parents and faculty.

Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 08:47

A huge shout-out to our 6 Excellent Explorer winners for this past term.  They are super students and just great kids all the way around!  They were each nominated by a staff member or fellow student and then voted on by our committee.  Thank you, students, for a great job!

Eli Wills-6th grade (Nominated 2 times)
This year during some peer tutoring experiences, Eli has had such a positive impact on the students he is working with. He goes out of his way to make a connection with the students he is helping and he makes learning new things fun for them. His outgoing personality and kindness is remarkable! He truly has helped those students, not only with their schoolwork, but they know they have a friend who will cheer them on in whatever they do.
Mrs. Stewart    Eli Wills is exceptional at working with others. He is a great leader and really cares about everyone. He is great to include others and makes adapt to the situation to help others feel wanted. He has been a great tutor and is always positive and encouraging. Mrs. Taylor

Jaxon Jensen-2nd grade (Nominated 3 times)
Jaxon always has a smile on his face and a kind word to say to everyone. Last week one of his friends had hurt his back and was unable to play on the playground. Jaxon was concerned for his friend and asked me for help. The friend decided he was just going to sit on the Buddy Bench, so Jaxon said, "I will sit here with him. I don't want my friend to be alone." Jaxon is always kind. He cares about everyone.    Mrs. LindstromJaxon is always happy and positive. He works hard in class and is a good friend Jaxon is so positive. He always wishes us a good day. He comes down for headaches and is just so pleasant, and wants to make sure everyone is happy. What a sweet boy.

Nathan Burtenshaw-2nd grade (Nominated 2 times)

Nathan is an excellent explorer for many reasons. He is constantly seeing the good in others. He is the first to befriend someone that doesn't have anyone to play with and invites them to join in his games. He listens and shows respect to me in the classroom. Whenever we are using the Chromebooks, he jumps up and helps his peers that are struggling. He is compassionate and caring. He really works at things that he doesn't understand and is willing to work hard to improve them. He goes above and beyond in reading and always gets his homework completed. He always participates in lessons which helps him learn and grow as a student. He is a great student, a great person, and I feel lucky to have him as a student!  Miss Linnell.  Nathan is kind and showing respect by not running in the playground and is kind by listing to his teacher.  By: Tristan Allen.

Brandon Bodmer-6th grade

Brandon is one of the most honest kids I have ever met. He is the definition of integrity. He always makes sure he is being fair and honest. He is great to help. He is always thinking of others.    Mrs. Taylor

Leah Massimini-4th grade

 Leah is an amazing Fourth Grader. She exemplifies outstanding behavior and friendship qualities at school. She is a wonderful writer, friend to others, and student. Leah always sets a great example for those around her. Thanks for being a student teachers can count on at school for being kind, showing respect, and working hard! Mr. Rigby

Konnley Peterson-5th grade

I would like to nominate Konnley Peterson in 5th grade. I believe Konnley continues to show exceptional behavior both in class and outside of classroom activities. He is always the first to get up and do a job he was not responsible for. He is always kind to each and every one of his peers and helps them be successful in any way he can. Mrs Whetten


1st Grade Community Helper Day

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Fri, 02/22/2019 - 16:40
Lindsay Liddle

Students in 1st grade got to come dressed as what they want or be when they grow up. Then we had parents come talk about their jobs. We had a banker, vet, chemist, electrician, police officer, dentist, and Papa Murphy’s business owner come. They talked about how much schooling is required to have that job, the best part about their job, and the hardest thing about their job! The students learned so much and had lots of fun!


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