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Principal, Teachers and Students Slimed at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 09:17

On Monday, May 7th, the students at Spanish Oaks witnessed the sliming of many teachers, students and even Mrs. Huff, our principal. Sixth grade students that read the most minutes this year got to choose whether they wanted to be slimed or wanted to slime someone else. Students set monthly reading goals and worked hard to meet them throughout the year, and to improve and progress in reading.

Photos of students and teachers being slimed

Spanish Oaks Exceeds Reading Goal!

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 12:26

Students, teachers and staff at Spanish Oaks Elementary have made a commitment again this year to participate in the Road to Success reading program sponsored by the Ken Garff Automotive Group. The students were rewarded for their efforts in reading by being entertained by a magic show preformed by Paul Brewer.
Through this yearly reading program students are encouraged to become avid readers and foster a love for reading. This program is fun and exciting as students earn prizes and incentives by accumulating reading minutes. Six lucky readers were drawn to win bicycles and saving bonds at the assembly

Photo #1
Bicycle winners for 2011-2012
Top L to R: Dallin Johnson, Keana Huffman
Bottom L to R: Samuel Gunderson, Keiran Adams

Photo #2
Savings Bond winners for 2011-2012
L to R: Taylor Reategui and Madison Meeks

Sixth Grade students Honored by Kiwanis Club

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 08:24

Six 6th grade students were honored as “Terrific Kids” by the Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club. Carol Tanner ,a representative from the Kiwanis Club, presented this award to these students. The students were chosen because of their positive attitudes, willingness to learn and go the extra mile in their school work.
Pictured are “Terrific Kids” that were honored .
Top L to R: Carol Tanner (Kiwanis Club Representative), Dallin Carter, Daniel Borba, Matt Asay
Bottom L to R: Mariah Gainer, Madison Tracy, Joie Hunter

Classified Employee at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Tue, 05/08/2012 - 15:34
Beth Blakey.JPG

Spanish Oaks Elementary has selected Beth Blakey as the Classified Employee of the year. Beth has worked for Nebo School district for 24 years and has worked with many students at various schools. The award was presented by Craig Harvey and is sponsored by Horace Mann Insurance. Beth was nominated by the faculty at Spanish Oaks.
Beth is a true professional, always has a positive attitude, and serves the faculty and students at Spanish Oaks with a smile. She will do anything to help others and is always willing to go the extra mile in all she does. Beth loves spending time with her family, watching sports, shopping and quilting. She is married to Steve Blakey and is the mother of 4 boys and grandmother to 9 grandchildren that she loves to spoil. Congratulations, Beth!
Pic. L to R Beth Blakey, Craig Harvey (Horace Mann)

Foster Grandparent Program at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Mon, 05/07/2012 - 15:42
Annette Crane.JPG

Annette Crane, foster grandparent volunteer, has spent the last two years at Spanish Oaks
Elementary volunteering to help students meet their academic goals. Annette moved here from California a few years ago to be close to her grandchildren and decided to volunteer in the schools. Annette said, “This has been such a rewarding job to see students work hard to improve their skills and to learn that hard work and determination pays off.” One student that works with Annette commented, “Mrs. Crane is so nice and she has a lot of patience and helps me to be a better reader.” In her free time Annette loves to design and sew quilts that she donates to veterans in need as well as to hospitals. She loves to spend time with her family and she loves to spend time grooming her yard. Annette is a valued employee! We appreciate all she does for the students at our school.

Photo of foster grandparent, Annette Crane

Spanish Oaks performs That’s Princess…..With a Pea!!

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 15:51

Spanish Oaks performs That’s Princess…..With a Pea!!

Students from all grade levels performed the play, That’s Princess…..With a Pea, with music, lyrics and book written by Elliot Baker. The play was performed for the student body and their families. The play was directed by Miranda Duke and co-directed by Angie Warner. Many volunteer hours were put in by the students and parents. The following participated to make this such an enjoyable and successful production:

Kings-Danny Borba and Isaac Longhurst
Queens-Mercedes Warner and Abby Lebaron
Prince Fred-Cooper Arndt
Princess Philimeana-Kierra Oyler
Jesters-Rayna Sannar and Isabel Wood
Wizards-Mason Allen and Hallie Stephensen
Guards (aka) “The Three Stooges”-Nate Hansbrow, Noah Ralphs and Andrew Pontious
Baker-Dylan Smith
Fishmonger-Darren Oyler
Fruit Seller-Justin Johnson
Page Boys-Garrett Dunn, Deacon Hansbrow and Andy Kadomtsve
Princesses-Anastasia Kadomtsve, Kristy Runyan, Leah Mendenhall
Lady Whipperwil-Ellen Felt
Sir Aethelred-Dylan Pontious
Sir Dinglebert-Jackson Oviatt
Sir William-Zac Ridenour
Lady Esmerelda-Courtney Arndt
Swamp Princesses-Courtney Smith, Amanda Randquist, Kandace Rex, Kristy McEwen, Marlyce Longhurst, Madelyn Westover and Kiera Allen
Ensemble-Cosette McInelly(soloist), Madelyn Westover(soloist), Talia Johnson (soloist), Haylee, Allen, Audrey Arndt, Brinley Stephensen, Brooklyn Falkner, Annika Wood, Aribel Gomez, Frida Gomez, Sadie Ryan, Ambria conder, Lucy Kilpatrick, Emma Reynolds, Kortney Jackson, Sammy Simpson, Annika Kadomtsve, Holly Zaremba, Hunter Meeks, Tanner Meeks, Madyson Meeks, Madilyn Henry, Alicia Zaremba, Emma Lowe, Shelby Brown, Eliza Hansbrow, Alicia Caldwell, Mackay Meeks and Holly Anne Simpson
Stage Crew- Mandy Johnson, Abbygale Reynolds, Lyndsay Marsh, Kaylee Oyler, Anna Mosdell, Brynn Kilpatrick, Brianna Marsh, Heather Johnson, Anne Dallon and Kelsee Oyler
Costume/Hair/Props Manager-Lori Oyler and Kim Seamons
Music Director-Rindee Sannar
Lighting-Ian Sannar
Choreographer-Sarah Arndt
Stage Manager-Danielle Musick
Spotlight –Brandon Ralphs

Special thanks to Image Works Hair Salon and My Personal Paparazzi Photography(Delyn Beagly and Virginia Shenk)

Thanks to all that made this production a huge success!

Photos of directors and performers

Spanish Oaks Students place at B.Y.U Science Fair

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 13:52

Congratulations to the Spanish Oaks students listed below who were winners at the Central Utah Science Fair at BYU:
Dallin Carter – “Gears Providing Mechanical Advantages”
Caeden Wilding – “UV Rays: Can They be Stopped?”
Ladd Davies – “Measuring Wind Speed with Balloons”
Annika & Isabell Wood – “Water Absorption of Wood”
Mary Kilpatrick & Emma Young – “Dry Ice Challenge”

Also, thank you to Mrs. Stirland, 5th grade teacher at our school, for being over the Science Fair and for all the time she spent to make it a success!

PHOTO: Science Fair Winners
Front L to R: Emma Young, Mary Kilpatrick
Back L to R: Caeden Wilding, Isabel Wood, Annika Wood, Dallin Carter and Ladd Davis

“Helping Soles” Shoe Drive at Spanish Oaks Elementary

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 13:44

The students of Spanish Oaks Elementary had the opportunity to help raise money for New Life Orphanage in Ghana. Students were asked to collect used shoes and bring them to school. They are then the shoes are shipped to Africa where they are sold cheaply to street vendors, who then clean and repair the shoes to sell them in the market. The grade levels that collected the most shoes were fifth grade and sixth grade. Thank you to our student council for collecting and sorting the shoes and thank you to our students and their families for supporting this great charitable fund raiser. Our students collected 579 pounds of shoes.

Photos of Student Council with donated shoes

Nifty Fifty United States Peformed by Fifth Grade Students

Submitted by leslie.loftin on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 13:34
Fifth Prog5.JPG

Fifty Nifty United States

Fifth grade students from Spanish Oaks Elementary performed for their families and friends. The performance was a culmination of their studies of United States history. The program was a combination of songs, narration and skits which students have learned and rehearsed throughout the school year. The program started with Christopher Columbus and included other events such as the signing of the Declaration, Eli Whitney, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Titanic, Rosa Parks on the bus and many other important historical events. The fifth graders learned that indeed we are the Fifty Nifty United States!


Submitted by leslie.loftin on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:45

Day of Service at Spanish Oaks
Employees from U.S. Synthetics, a polycrystalline diamond oil and gas exploration company in Orem, volunteered at Spanish Oaks Elementary for the National Day of Service. The volunteers were excited to be able to give back to their community and demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of life for all of us. The volunteers helped in individual classrooms and unpacked and stamped newly purchased student reading textbooks. We appreciate U.S. Synthetics and their employees for the time spent at our school.

Photos of U. S. Synthetics employees


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