February 2023

Force and Motion in Kinder at Spanish Oaks

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Kindergarten students are exploring the phenomenon of Force and Motion. We explored the actions of pushing, pulling and how we can alter an object's motion with the amount of force we use. At learning stations students got to experiment with different manipulatives to test how much force they would need to make objects move. We flipped rubber chickens at a target, built a domino train, raced mini cars, jumped frogs, and built ramps for marbles to follow.  We had a great time experimenting and discovering more about force and motion.  

Kindness Week Next Week at Spanish Oaks

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Our annual Kindness Week will be next week, February 13-17.  We will kick off the week with "Hats Off To Kindness" on Monday, where students and staff can wear a hat.   

We are going to have a stuffed animal drive going on all week where we hope to have at least 150 stuffed animals donated that we are going to give to the Spanish Fork Ambulance crew.  They give every child they help and/or transport to the hospital a stuffed animal to help them not be so nervous.  We prefer new stuffed animals, but they can be very slightly used. 

Opera Is a Hit at Spanish Oaks

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Vocal Dimension, from Art Inc. presented an arts assembly today, where we learned about opera, and even tried it out.  6 of our teachers got to sing solos, and all of the students got to be the opera choir.  We also had students dressing the "pigs and wolf" and helping with the backdrop.  It was a really fun assembly that we all enjoyed!