September 2015

On Time at Spanish Oaks

We have a new contest going on at our school.  Any grade level that can get 100% of their students on time to school 10 days in a row earns a doughnut celebration with Mrs. Brown.  We are off to a great start!  Rise and shine, everyone!

Some Fun Learning Going On!


Our second grade students in Mrs. Graham's class had fun asking questions and making statements about a variety of different objects in class today.  They are now pros at recognizing questions and statements.

Maple Mountain Football Reads at Spanish Oaks

Our Maple Mountain football players give back to their community as they learn that they are role models to younger students.  We would like them to continue to come to our school and read with our students.  Thank you, football team!



New First Grade Teacher at Spanish Oaks

Megann McKendrick is our new first grade teacher this year at Spanish Oaks!  She is doing a fabulous job!

Megann grew up in Highland and graduated from American Fork High School.  She recently returned from Indiana where she spent the past 18 months.  She loves soccer, racquetball and especially basketball.  She was even on a state champion basketball team!  She likes doing things with her 5 siblings outdoors.  She has a strong desire to help the world, one person at a time, and hopes to start fulfilling that goal in her first grade classroom.

LIKE and FOLLOW Spanish Oaks Elementary Facebook Page

We would like to invite everyone to "LIKE and FOLLOW" our Spanish Oaks Elementary Facebook Page @  We will be having a contest at school the week of September 14-18 to see which class can collect the most “Likes and Follows”.  Please watch for a flyer to come home … The winning class will earn an extraordinary doughnut celebration!

Mini iPads in Second Grade at Spanish Oaks

Second graders in Mrs. Graham's class are SO excited to have mini iPads!  We read on them today and had a blast!  We can't wait to have fun learning with them all year long!  A special "thank you" to several grant-writing teachers and our amazing PTA .... their efforts made it possible for us to purchase mini iPads for our K-2 classes.