School News

Spanish Oaks Second Grade Fieldtrip to Scera Theater

My whole class at "Miss Nelson is Missing"
Josh, Jordan, Mia, and Whitley on our field trip to "Miss Nelson is Missing"
Kaden, Garrett, Lexi, and Madisan at "Miss Nelson is Missing"
Lunch after the play

Miss Robison's class enjoyed the play "Miss Nelson is Missing" at the Scera Theater.  The play was great and the students had fun doing activities with the play and book when they returned to class.

Miss Mellor's Thanksgiving Feast at Spanish Oaks

Kindergarten students at Spanish Oaks had their very own Thanksgiving Feast today.   Each student was given an assignment to help prepare for the feast.  They made turkey sandwiches, pudding cups, nut cups, veggies, kabobs and even made a place settings for each child at the tables.   The students said, "It was fun being able to cook our own feast!"

Mrs. Dimmick's Class Presents Reader's Theater at Spanish Oaks

Today we shared our Reader's Theaters with the rest of the 3rd grade and our kindergarten buddies.  We shared stories about the first Thanksgiving, how Thanksgiving became a national holiday, and how some turkeys escaped being thanksgiving dinner.  Great job, third graders!

Spanish Oaks Preschool Grandparents Day

Miss Carrie's preschool classes this week spent a fun day with their grandparents decorating cupcakes, taking pictures and making picture frames with their special guests.  The preschoolers had also created little booklets about their grandparents that shared why they loved them.  We even got a photo of our very own Mrs. Carter with her grandson, Mason, and Mrs. Taylor's daughter, Ellie, with her grandparents.  We love you, grandma and grandpa!

Colonial Day in the Fifth Grade at Spanish Oaks


The fifth grade classes spent the day being pilgrims in every way possible.  Clothes, activities, supplies used, speech, names, etc.  I was even asked what I was doing and what I was using when I went in to take pictures.  They were really in character!  What a great way to learn American history and apply that knowledge!