School News

First Big Umbrellas at Spanish Oaks


Who are some of the members of a family, e.g., mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, etc.  Who are some of the members of our SCHOOL family, e.g., teachers, specialists, students, secretaries, lunch ladies, custodians, etc.  At Spanish Oaks this year we are working hard to take care of our school family!  We are making room for everyone ... we are looking out for each other ... we are taking care of our family by being KIND, showing RESPECT and working HARD.  What does “together” mean?  It means with each other, and together we are better!  This year at Spanish Oaks, our theme and focus is:  Welcome to OUR Family … there’s Room for ALL!  

Spanish Oaks PTA Rock STARS

Holly Moss

Spanish Oaks Elementary is a phenomenal place for our kids and our families!  We have amazing volunteers, students, teachers, staff, administrators, and support!  The Utah PTA awarded us the STARS Award for 100% Membership of Teachers, Faculty, and Staff in our PTA last year!  If you’d like to volunteer on one committee or a few we’d love to have you!  Watch for our Membership Drive next week!

Kid Curator Program

Mrs. Dimmick

3rd Grade was lucky to have the Springville Museum of Art come and present their kid curator program for students. Mrs. Till explained and demonstrated what a curator does. Then she gave bags to groups of students. They each came up with their own curated “show.” They had to explain what the main idea of their show was.

Digital Citizenship Lesson

Mrs. Stewart’s class learned about digital citizenship today.  They talked about how once messages get sent that even though something gets deleted, doesn’t mean it’s gone.  We leave our digital fingerprint so we need to be careful about what we are sending and saying online.  It was such a great lesson and we loved having Mrs. Nelson come to our class and talk to us about such an important topic.