School News

BE SAFE On Your Way to AND From School

Please help us keep all our students safe ...

"Parents, please remind your children to BE SAFE while on their way to and from school.  This morning I saw four kids crash on their scooters, and several others cross without the crosswalk, or enter the crosswalk without even stopping to check for cars or wait for me to get into the crosswalk first.  Most of these incidents appear to happen because the kids are "racing" their friends or siblings.  Please remind them to slow down and be safe; cars are not always paying attention.  I saw a car turn right in front of a student this morning, and it was scary!  Also, if you are driving in the area before or after school ... please be cautious.  Thank you!"  - Spanish Fork City Crossing Guard, Aubrey Smith

We LOVE Books from Our PTA


Mrs. Quinton's 6th grade students are going to be so surprised!  Thanks to our wonderful PTA, and the extra efforts of our Book Fair Chairperson, Jacoy Baird, they have a brand new, hardcover set of The False Prince to use for guided reading.  Thank you for supporting reading at Spanish Oaks!

Camp Floyd Field Trip

Jenna Fagergren

Fourth Grade had a great field trip to Camp Floyd! Students made candles and adobe bricks, learned how military men prepared their rifles, visited historic buildings, and simulated the pony express. A favorite for many students was the old schoolhouse where they wrote on chalkboards and played games from the 1860's. We learned a lot and had fun trying new things!

Come Join Our School CHOIR at Spanish Oaks


Do you like to sing ...?  Do you enjoy entertaining people ...?  Do you feel good when you work hard and learn something new ...?  Then you should come join us in choir.  Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Drollinger have an amazing season planned for us, full of great songs and fun learning.  Our first performance will be during our school's presentation to the School Board on Wednesday, October 11 @ 6:00 p.m.  Please click the link below where you will find:  schedule, registration form, information letter, etc.

6th Grade Orchestra at Spanish Oaks

If this looks like fun ... you should come join our amazing 6th Grade Orchestra at Spanish Oaks!  Mr. Hansen takes string students of all ability levels through outstanding transformations as he prepares them for the junior music experience.  Students learn to play and love music, while building relationships and working hard.  We are grateful to Mr. Hansen, and invite your 6th grade student to join us.  Please click the link below where you will find:  schedule, registration form, information letter, etc.

Timpanogos Storytelling at Spanish Oaks

Spanish Oaks had the pleasure of welcoming an amazing guest to our school today ...  Donald Davis is a longtime Timpanogos Storytelling Festival favorite and has performed on some of America’s most prestigious stages including at the Smithsonian, National Storytelling Festival, and World’s Fair.  Donald has also appeared on PBS, NPR, CNN, and ABC.  An award-winning artist, Donald has recorded over thirty albums and written eighteen books.  

After the school-wide assembly, Mr. Davis treated our 4th Grade students and teachers to a classroom workshop where he shared more stories, and talked about his journey from story-teller to author.  What an amazing opportunitity for students and teachers, alike ... Thank you for sharing your talent, Mr. Davis!


Dance EXTRA at Spanish Oaks


Dance EXTRA is about to BEGIN!

4th, 5th, and 6th graders can learn dances from around the world on Monday Morning(s) from 8:00 a.m.-8:45 a.m.  If you have multiple students in the upper grades, please fill out this form for each student.

Classes will begin on Monday, September 19,  2017.  We will have an evening performance for the students to show off their stuff on Thursday, December 15, 2017 from 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.  There will also be a performance for the school on Friday, December 16, 2017 during the school day.  Let's dance!